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DoctorStrange DoctorStrange 12 January 2011

Spice Girls Wiki Update January 2011

Happy New Year everyone!

It's been a good 2010 for the Wiki as it has gone through a lot of changes. We've already established a system and now to see growth in the building of the content. As some of you may have seen, a few things have started to come in such as the new tabbing system and adoption system. We hope you like it!

Feel free to comment below on what you think the changes, and feel free to discuss any changes you want to see.

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DoctorStrange DoctorStrange 4 October 2010

Spice Girls Wiki Update No 2

Most of you probably realised by now that there has been a few changes to the Wiki. This is due to the reason that the Wiki's host Wikia is going to put change to all Wikis. So we here will be adapting to the change as well.

To coincide with the change with Wikia, I'm going to propose a new system where all albums, singles and song pages are all tabbed just like the web browser you're using. Right now I'm currently creating the colours and stuff for it and will then pitch it to the watercooler so I can get your thoughts on it before setting it into action.

Apart from that, you have a chance to see the new skin for the Wiki , create an account now and leave feedback in the comment section below. The new skin will be fully implemented and be s…

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DoctorStrange DoctorStrange 7 August 2010

Spice Girls Wiki Update

Hello everyone! Time for an update!

Right, first things first progress is being made as quick as possible and thanks from the help of the Wikia staff, we are able to enjoy the newly implemented Wiki Leaderboard!

Things are going to hit a stride as this Wiki is going to take a new turn:

  • I'm still working a new skin for the Wiki which is proving disastrous, and anyone is free to help out!
  • Discography and videography of each member of the Spice Girls will be added
  • Working on solo work and non-musical activities will be documented about each of the girls including interviews and live performances
  • More need to be added on their personalities and a page is already done on Ginger Spice
  • Re-organisation of information and proofreading some information wil…
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DoctorStrange DoctorStrange 5 March 2010

Start of a new era!

Wow! First day being Admin is a exhilarating experience! This is the message I left for adoption for this Wiki which is shown in the picture to the right or bottom (depending how wide you set your web browser to).

It was a great feeling when I saw the words "Accepted" ! Staying true to my words, you'll find that this Wiki will be taken up the next level and be a place where fans can easily find up info and have some fun at the same time!

A new revamp will be taking place as of now so expect big changes! If you like to see any features, don't hesitate to contact me on my Talk Page, in order for me to help you, you must help me! And together we can follow the Spice Girls on a world of adventure! :D

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