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Richard "Biff" Stannard (born 11 june 1966 in London) is a British songwriter and music producer.


Along with Julian Gallagher and Ash Howes, he formed his production company Biffco, now based in Dublin, who were largely responsible for the rise of the Spice Girls and Five. As of 21 March 2010 Stannard is the 67th most successful songwriter in UK singles chart history, having 41 hit singles, including nine number ones.

Spice Girls[]

In April 1995, Richard Stannard and Matt Rowe started working with the Spice Girls writing materials with them writing songs such as Feed Your Love (unrealeased song). Then they went on to write other tracks like Wannabe, which Victoria wasn't there, but was part of the writing process via telephone.


Spice Girls

Emma Bunton[]

  • What Took You So Long? (2001)
  • Better Be Careful (2001)
  • High On Love (2001)
  • So Long (2001)

Melanie Brown[]

  • Lullaby (2001)
  • Sophisticated Lady (2001)

Melanie Chisholm[]

  • Suddenly Monday (1999)
  • Goin' Down (1999)

External Links[]

http://www.biffco.co.uk/ - Richard Stannard's Official Website

http://www.myspace.com/147147130 - Biff's Myspace