This page charts the going-ons and history of the wiki.

2007-2008[edit source]

Spice Girls Wiki is hosted on Wikia, and first established and created by KevinC2125 on December 11, 2007. It was then founded by user thegingerone in 2007. User thegingerone founded the wiki on February 24, 2008.

Other users started to contribute too: Sohardtosee, Lucho adp and various others. Eventually, the Wiki eventually started to dwindle in numbers, leaving the last edit to be made on February 26, 2008.

2010[edit source]

March[edit source]

March 25 Spice Girls was recategorised from "Entertainment" to "Music".

June[edit source]

June 14 Spice Girls Answers was created as a companionship to the Wiki.

July[edit source]

July 13 Spice Girls Wiki has reached the 100 articles milestone!

August[edit source]

August 6 Wiki Leaderboard implemented into the Wiki with the help of the Wikia staff

September[edit source]

September 4 Spice Girls Wiki is a proud owner of their very own Twitter. Follow the Wiki here.

October[edit source]

October 22 Spice Girls Wiki has a skin change from Monaco to Oasis.

December[edit source]

December 11 Spice Girls Wiki becomes 3 years old.

2011[edit source]

January 26 Spice Girls Wiki joins Facebook.

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