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"Spiceworld" cover
Spice Girls
Released 3 November 1997
Length 00:38:47
Producer(s) Matt Rowe, Richard Stannard, Absolute
Label(s) Virgin Records

EMI 19 Management

Track listing
  1. Spice Up Your Life
  2. Stop
  3. Too Much
  4. Saturday Night Divas
  5. Never Give Up On The Good Times
  6. Move Over
  7. Do It
  8. Denying
  9. Viva Forever
  10. The Lady Is A Vamp


This album was written to coincide with their film Spice World: The Movie and a massive tour the year after. The album was released on 3 November 1997.

It was released in Britain the same year their first album, Spice, was released in the US. The album became a huge hit worldwide, lengthening the so-called "Spicemania" fever at that time.



Additional personnel[]

  • Snake Davis — flute
  • Magnus Fiennes — keyboard
  • Kick Horns — brass
  • Shawn Lee — guitar, bass
  • Steve Lewison — bass
  • Mike "Milton" McDonald — guitar
  • Matt Rowe — keyboard
  • John Themis — acoustic guitar
  • Paul "Tubbs" Williams — bass


  • Producers –Absolute, Matt Rowe, Richard Stannard, Jeremy Wheatley
  • Engineers – Adrian Bushby, Jake Davies, Paul Hicks, Robbie Kazandjian, Mark Tucker, Jeremy Wheatley
  • Assistant engineers – Jan Jybert, Robbie Kazandjian, Stephen Pelluet, Paul Walton
  • Mixing – Jan Jybert, Mark "Spike" Stent
  • Mixing Assitant – Jan Kybert, Paul Walton
  • Programming – Pete Davis, Magnus Fiennes, Mike Higham, Matt Rowe
  • Arrangers – Anne Dudley, Stephen Hussey
  • Orchestra contractor – Steve Sidwell