Virgin Records
Virgin Records
Parent Company EMI
Founded 1972
Founder Richard Branson
Distributing label Capitol Music Group (in the U.S.)


Genre Various
Country of origin United Kingdom
Official Website

Virgin Records is a British record label founded by English entrepreneur Richard Branson, Simon Draper, and Nik Powell in 1972. It was later sold to Thorn EMI in 1992. Its American operations were merged with Capitol Records in 2007 to create the Capitol Music Group

Spice GirlsEdit

Spice Girls signed on to the record label on July 13, 1995, as they toured around recored labels with Simon Fuller looking for record label deals. Virgin Records throw a surprise party for their arrival from their flight (club class) in L.A..

Virgin deputy managing director Ashley Newton commented on first meeting the Spice Girls:

"I'll never forget the day they burst in here. They caused such a commotion, doing a mad routine in the office, all talking at once and being really funny. I called [managing director Paul] Conroy and [deputy managing director Ray] Cooper and said, 'You just have to see this'."

Geri Halliwell later stated the reason why the girls went for Virgin Records:

"We decided on Virgin because they offered us the chance to go our own way. We feel as though we're breaking down a lot of barriers, as women going up against the boy groups and against people's expectations. There's more to us than a lot of those other acts."

Even though Newton found that signing the girls would be a good idea, but she still had doubts about it:

"Historically, our acts have come out of the leftfield and ended up in the mainstream. But it's an indication of how Virgin is broadening that we would take on the Spice Girls - they've got credibility and are a convincing pop act. Their music is bright, sexy and they have a spirit of camaraderie. They draw on certain soul traditions, and, being an old soul boy, I couldn't resist."

At this time, they learned that the group's name "Spice" was already in use by a rap artist, so they changed their name to "Spice Girls".

Victoria BeckhamEdit

Victoria Beckham first record label was also Virgin Records which spawned one album and two singles: Not Such An Innocent Girl and A Mind Of Its Own. Rumours came about that if A Mind Of Its Own didn't make it into the Top 3, the label would have dropped her. Victoria Beckham later denied the rumours.'

A third single, I Wish, was to be released as it had promotions but the single never materialised, due to Victoria falling pregnant and her concentration on writing her second autobigography so she left the label at that point. Virgin issued a statement on this:

"No-one has been dropped. The Virgin deal has come to a natural end and both parties have decided not to continue."

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